BlockFi or Celsius Network: the Talk About Amazing World of Crypto Loans and Savings 20 Dec 2020

Have you ever heard about BlockFi or Celsius Network? These companies are levelling the playing field and paying more interest on your salary than the U.S. banks. They both are based in New-York City. What’s a difference between them? Crypto Savings Some argue that Celsius Network is not decentralized, it’s centralized and is a part of the CeFi world. BlockFi has a better image but some still wonder about its blockchain and smart-contracts in its activities. In search of “truly…

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How To Earn Free Bitcoin in 2020 20 Dec 2020

Bitcoin Overview A pseudonymous computer scientist called Satoshi Nakamoto proposed Bitcoin for the first time in 2008. The core purpose of this digital currency has been to use it as means of exchange, independent of any central authority. By encrypting every single Bitcoin with advanced mathematical principles, secure electronic transactions are ensured by cryptocurrency miners. In 2008, when Bitcoin was first introduced, its price was below $1. Growing slowly in as usual trend, its price hit $1,000 in February 2017…

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Getting Bitcoin Loan in 2020 20 Dec 2020

Zillenials creates a new way to borrow and lend money using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies Bitcoin lending is a new trend of the 2020 year plagued by COVID-19 pandemic. This year comes to the end and while the future is still unclear the world undergoes a big digital transformation. Zillenials and DeFi Each young social cohort step by step becomes the leading power of the economy and now we witness an advent into these roles of Zillenials also known as…

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