How To Earn Free Bitcoin in 2020

Bitcoin Overview

A pseudonymous computer scientist called Satoshi Nakamoto proposed Bitcoin for the first time in 2008. The core purpose of this digital currency has been to use it as means of exchange, independent of any central authority. By encrypting every single Bitcoin with advanced mathematical principles, secure electronic transactions are ensured by cryptocurrency miners.

In 2008, when Bitcoin was first introduced, its price was below $1. Growing slowly in as usual trend, its price hit $1,000 in February 2017 for the first time. Now Bitcoin price fluctuates around $18,000. It’s worth learning how to get Bitcoins. It’s amazing there are opportunities to get free Bitcoins as well.

The famous economist Joseph Schumpeter stated that ‘creative destruction’ would draw the world to the situation when an innovative technology renders the old one obsolete. The obsolescence here stands for the inevitable market crashes and, in turn, economic turbulence to shape the economy all over again.

Bitcoin is such ‘creative destruction’ that it got glory this year as legacy financial markets drown into pessimistic mood. Disruptive innovations created by this ‘creative destruction’ are the true engine of paradigm shifts and constructive transformation in the global economy. Eventually, they generate more aggregated prosperity especially on the side of those accumulating Bitcoins.

How it works

Bitcoin is an open-source digital financial meidum which makes it easy to exchange and send and get money at a low cost. Transactions are performed using a shared public ledger called a blockchain. Bitcoin does not have one administrator or central regulator and it is beyond the direct centralized control. Transactions are made between Bitcoin wallets belonging to its owners using private keys (secret parts of data) to prove ownership of wallets and to prevent transactions from being rolled back.

Methods to earn Bitcoin free

Although many people purchase Bitcoin, there are ways of acquiring satoshis without buying them or mining for it yourself. Anyway the golden rule for avoiding getting lost is don’t send money (either in the form of fiat or Bitcoin) to get “free BTC” and always do your own research. You only receive some bits of Bitcoin (known as satoshis) but each satoshi gains huge value over time since the known deficiency of Bitcoin supply is governed by an in-built into the function of these cryptocurrencies mechanism.

Online surveys

One of these ways to acquire free Bitcoins is by completing online surveys. With your recorded feedback, companies can streamline customers’ communication and design new ways to meet requirements of the clients. Be on alert since it’s not easy sometimes to withdraw money you may earn in this case. Some surveys providers demand from you to get on the board new participants of the surveys and then you’re probably getting money.

Some surveys providers to watch

Here’s how it can be done:

  • Opt in survey sites you choose.
  • The survey provider will supply you with a list containing a number of questions tailored to your interests
  • You choose a survey you’d like to complete.

When you finalize a survey, you may be reimbursed with BTC.  

Perform online tasks

You can acquire Bitcoins just completing various online tasks. You can get free BTC by viewing commercials or clicking on them. The sites such as Bit Fun allow people to get a part of the money they get from advertisers. In case of Bit Fun you may acquire free BTC when you play games and click on popping up advertisements. Another faucet to get free BTC this way is Cointiply

Of course if you have any installed instrument to avoid ads while browsing and you do not want to get rid of it, you’ll miss an opportunity to acquire free Bitcoins at such sites. But you must be aware that there is no guarantee when you click on ads on such sites your computer will never get malware so any antivirus program installed on your laptop is a good step to comfortably earn Bitcoins without dull ramifications. Belt off websites whose ads smell wrong.

Bitcoin cashback

You can purchase goods and services with a credit card and get Bitcoin cashback. For example, when you send Birthday cards via UK based Moonpig service and stack sats as Danny Scott, head of London based CoinCenter cryptocurrency exchange, proudly discovers . Lolli provides Bitcoin bonuses when you purchase at the online stores marked with wide known brand logos.

Bitcoin as a gift

Bitcoin giveaways still exist but don’t forget keeping the above mentioned golden rule on the mind. Some cryptocurrencies projects arrange Questions and Answers (Q&A) or Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions and encourage people to participate in this session by giving away free satoshis for viable and thoughtful answers. Stay tuned to the new crypto projects, try learning more about crypto innovations and you will earn free Bitcoins.

Bitcoin lotteries

Some sites offer an opportunity to participate in some kind of lottery, you must check all conditions before starting. For example in Free Bitcoin you’re welcome to take part in a play that looks like a lottery and win Bitcoins. One of the similar services is being marketered by Bonus Bitcoin . MoonBitcoin is another example.

Affiliate programs

Some cryptocurrencies exchanges (Coinbase, Changelly etc), Bitcoin P2P trade services as well as other crypto projects boast of affiliate programs that allows you to earn commission in Bitcoin or in other crypto assets on people that you refer as well as the people you refer who refer other people. For example such a program ByBit offers. Trezor is another case. Trezor distributes Bitcoin hardware wallets and holds out an affiliate program with disbursement in Bitcoin.

It usually works like this:

  • You check into some affiliate program
  • The provider of such affiliate program sends you a unique referral URL containing special code.
  • When a person clicks on this URL he (she) goes to the promoted site and this site recognizes that a visit has occurred due to some promotional efforts you have made.

This faucet works if you post this URL in your tweets, make updates of Pinterest and Facebook, and so on.

  • You earn a commission in Bitcoin when someone clicks your referral link, and then if he(she) starts using the service (trading, buying something) offered by the affiliate program provider.

The tender of the advertising room is in the DNA of modern incessant search of clients. Any for money projects are thirsty for people and businesses ready to move themselves in the AIDA succession to the last step, pay action. If your activities on the Internet are able to bring them (for example, you’re a frequent person on some forums and you have figured out how to insert at the end of your each message the signature containing a referral URL), then you can be awarded with Bitcoin. This is the way how affiliate or referral promotion comes in. What’s a reason for someone to use a referral URL and don’t go directly to the online destination point? The answer can be broken down into parts. Firstly, it’s easier to use an offered URL instead of googling the name of the service. Secondly, in some cases this user gets some discount on service or good he (she) wants using if he (she) clicks on a referral link.

BTC vs Other Crypto

Bitcoin is a king. Bitcoin flirts with $18,000 level now and it’s amazing moon rise when in March the cryptocurrency touched $3,600. As Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network, told to Marketwatch media outlet that Bitcoin makes an inroad into a place where legacy financial institutions is legitimately contemplating involvement as a shield raised as a buffer against currency devaluation.

This statement makes a point. Just look, CEL (Celsius Network) gained 1,646% since the start of this year while Bitcoin has added “just” 147.68% to its value. At the same time the most crypto projects recognize Bitcoin as a linchpin of whole blockchain driven innovations.

Crypto ecosystem is still the jungle and you’ll find no shortage of altcoins, many of which are experiments that probably will not exist a year from now. Altcoins are useful for stacking even more Bitcoins and they’re a great reminder for investors that the crypto Sun shining for everybody is the only one crypto asset, Bitcoin.


It’s exciting to learn how to acquire Bitcoin and how to get some free BTC to get a feel of owning the king of all cryptocurrencies. By the way the largest regulated U.S. crypto trading hub offers the opportunity to “earn crypto while learning about crypto” as it proclaims on their official site. is going to provide you with up-to-date information about various faucets to get free Bitcoins, but it is possible that some websites cited above may change their rules and cease giving free satoshis. You should better be pretty smart about getting free Bitcoins. Don’t miss a point that the oldest cryptocurrency is a land of endless opportunities.

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