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Is MyConstant really a legit money-making platform?
MyConstant reviews always seem to be positive. But as we know, the P2P crypto-lending market can be quite deceiving. That's why we have taken the responsibility of providing you with an unbiased MyConstant review. We will analyze every aspect of MyConstant, and provide you the right information to make informed decisions.

  • Earn money just like a savings account
  • Varied investment options
  • Assured collaterals and guarantees
  • Great support and transparency
  • Free and easy withdrawals
  • Some reports of delayed credits
  • KYC requirements for fiat transfers

MyConstant  Interest Rates

  • Flex: 4% APY
  • Loans: 7% – 12%

MyConstant  Loan Rates

  • From 7%

1. The Origins

MyConstant was born as a stablecoin in January 2019 under Duy Huynh. Soon, the company started exploring options to boost returns on its stablecoin. That led to the expansion into the P2P lending market, and MyConstant quickly matched $1,000,000 in loans.

Today, MyConstant provides a host of lending and borrowing solutions for people across the world. You can earn great interests by giving loans, and even by simply keeping money in MyConstant. 

Borrowers can take loans against crypto collateral with reasonable interest rates. MyConstant even partners with loan originators or firms to secure credible borrowers with complete credit checks.

2. Pros and Cons

MyConstant P2P is a great platform to grow your crypto and fiat assets. You can earn a good interest just by keeping your money in the platform, with no risks. Any loan you give is fully-secured by collateral and comes with a loan originator buy-back guarantee. 

The platform takes the full responsibility of securing liquefiable collaterals or assessing each borrower’s credit condition. You have several options to invest, backed with 24/7 support and zero withdrawal fees.

MyConstant P2P is a great platform to grow your crypto and fiat assets. You can earn a good interest just by keeping your money in the platform, with no risks. Any loan you give is fully-secured by collateral and comes with a loan originator buy-back guarantee. 

The platform takes the full responsibility of securing liquefiable collaterals or assessing each borrower’s credit condition. You have several options to invest, backed with 24/7 support and zero withdrawal fees.

Borrowers can use MyConstant to secure loans without hassles. They can compare terms and interest rates to find the best deals.

3. MyConstant Services

Let’s explore the lending and borrowing services at MyConstant-

a) MyConstant Flex

Do you want a MyConstant money Flex review?

MyConstant Flex account is the safest and easiest way to make money on MyConstant. You can get 4% APY just by keeping your money in MyConstant. Your funds start growing the minute you make your deposit, without any exceptions.

MyConstant Flex has advantages like free and unlimited withdrawals. You also don’t have to agree to any fixed terms. 

The APY is determined by market demand and supply and can increase or decrease over time. The interest rate is many times what traditional banks offer, and provides a good investment option with the lowest risks. 

MyConstant Deposit Guide

Step 1

MyConstant Flex

Create your account on MyConstant and provide the required information. 

Step 2

MyConstant deposit

Make a bank transfer or deposit amounts over $10 in any supported stablecoin. Funds deposited are held in USD.

Step 3

You start earning 4% APY. Your returns are compounded and paid per second. 

b) MyConstant Invest

You can directly lend to borrowers and up to 7.5% APR on your loans. You can start by making a deposit at MyConstant for amounts over $50. The best of all, you can choose your own loan terms like interest rate and lock-in periods, that start from 30 days.

All loans have cryptocurrency collateral amounting to 200% of the loan value. As a result, this is a great way to earn interests with low risks. You can also enjoy zero MyConstant fees and make unlimited withdrawals.

However, you do have MyConstant KYC requirements for making fiat withdrawals. Else, you can withdraw in stablecoins.

How to Deposit

Step 1

MyConstant sign up

Create your account on MyConstant with your credentials. 

Step 2

MyConstant deposit

Sign in and make your deposit in fiat through bank transfers. You can also use stablecoins for the purpose.

Step 3

MyConstant deposits

Set your terms and start earning interest on your loans. 

c) MyConstant Loan Originators

MyConstant has joined hands with loan originators to offer better earnings and options to investors. You can now purchase claims on loans given by our loan originators and receive payments on your investment. 

The loans come with buy-back guarantees from the loan originators or partners who source borrowers. You will get your principal and interests if the borrower fails to pay back the loan within 60-days.

You can invest manually or go on autopilot to minimize hassles. Your earnings are paid back with the principal once the loan term ends. 

How to Invest in Loan Originators

Step 1

MyConstant create account

You need to create your account and make a deposit of a minimum of $50. 

Step 2

MyConstant deposit

You can now select the auto investment plan or select loans manually. MyConstant will match you with borrowers if you are on auto-invest.

Step 3

Once matched, you will start earning interests. You will be able to withdraw once the loan period ends.

d) MyConstant Staking

MyConstant runs a crypto staking service for people who want to put their coins in good use. You can start with a low amount and don’t need a huge backup of cryptocurrencies.

Your funds start earning back every 30 minutes without exceptions. MyConstant gives you a return of 5% to 50% on your stakes. You can withdraw your earnings anytime to MyConstant Nerdwallet or any stablecoin wallet of your choice.

How to Use MyConstant Staking

Step 1

Stake amount on MyConstant

Enter the amount you want to stake on MyConstant. 

Step 3

Send crypto to MyConstant

Send in your cryptocurrency using best mobile wallet for MyConstant. You will start earning once your deposit is confirmed.

e) MyConstant Crypto Lend

Have you got idle cryptocurrencies lying around?

MyConstant Crypto Lend is a great way to grow your crypto assets. You can deposit your unused crypto coins in MyConstant and enjoy 10% APR on your funds. MyConstant utilizes the money on your behalf and pays you back in compounds every second.

For now, you can lend crypto using BNB, BTC, and ETH. The process is really simple, and there are no fees or lock-in periods. You can even make unlimited free withdrawals any time you want. 

How to Lend Crypto

Step 1

MyConstant sign up

Create your MyConstant account or log in.

Step 2

Choose cryptocurrency

Select the type and amount of crypto coins you want to deposit.

Step 3

Send crypto to MyConstant

Send the crypto from your wallet and start earning.

f) MyConstant Crypto-Backed Loans

MyConstant is a great platform to get quick loans by using cryptocurrency collateral. You can take borrow any amount instantly with the backup of sufficient collaterals.  The best of all, you can even take multi-collateral loans without restrictions.

MyConstant gives you the freedom to choose your terms. You can also eliminate the hassles of background or credit checks. You can get assured loans as long as you can provide collateral using 60+ cryptocurrencies.

Needless to say, you get back your collateral after paying back the loan. Till that time, your collateral is stored in secure Ethereum-based Prime Trust cold wallet.

MyConstant provides competitive borrowing rates that start at 7% for 30 days. You can choose your preferred interest rates.

How to Take a Loan

Step 1

Choose loan terms

Choose the term and amount you want to borrow. Then, select your preferred interest rate.

Step 2

MyConstant will now match you with suitable investors. 

Step 3

Once you get a match, MyConstant will send the loan in your account. At the same time, you will have to deposit the collateral in your chosen cryptocurrency.

g) MyConstant  Custom Crypto-Credit

You can acquire loans in USD to buy new cryptocurrencies. The process is really quick, and you just need to tell MyConstant the amount you want to borrow. Of course, you will also have to provide a crypto collateral to back up your loan.

MyConstant has a few advantages, like matching you with the right investor with the best rates. You don’t have to go into any exchanges or even pay trading fees. MyConstant even lets you choose your loan period for maximum convenience.

You will get back your collateral once you pay back the loan. 

4. Is MyConstant Legit

Is MyConstant legit

The wonderful thing is you will find no MyConstant scam reports on the internet. We do have a few false alerts, like in the case of this review. Turns out, the person who wrote the review had no knowledge of the finance industry and regulations. Also, MyConstant reaches out to any negative reviews and resolves the issue or misunderstanding.

Apart from that, MyConstant provides its registered office addresses and multiple phone numbers. You always have someone to address your concern 24/7.

People are not asking is MyConstant safe; rather, they are researching the options to invest or borrow. So, you can trust MyConstant and start lending or borrowing as per your requirements.

5. Customer Feedback

Reviews of MyConstant left by customers say good things about the company. Many even put up screenshots of their withdrawals made in fiat. You can Google “reviews “MyConstant” and check for yourself. 

Plus, people also appreciate the transparency and honest approach of MyConstant. We will leave you with some actual screenshots of MyConstant P2P review written by customers.

MyConstant review
MyConstant Flex account review


7. Final Thoughts

MyConstant is a reliable and trustworthy platform for P2P lending and borrowing. You can get instant loans without background or credit checks using collateral. Investors also get a range of options to grow their assets. You can even earn interests by just leaving your funds on MyConstant.

Additionally, the company provides excellent customer support. You can get quick responses and complete guidance on any problem you face. Customers also love MyConstant and perks like free and unlimited withdrawals. You can surely earn or borrow using MyConstant without any worries.

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