Lending Platform
6 - 36 Months
Short review

Celsius Network has been on the financial headlines with its big promise, attracting massive attention from crypto traders. Guaranteeing a 4-10% APY annual return is quite a big promise to make to stakeholders, which many have termed as unreal. However, in this article, you get an in-depth overview of Celsius services, highlighting both the good, the bad and the hype. By the end of this review, you will understand clearly whether the company can deliver its big agenda to the members or not and if it does, how it does it.


There is no minimum deposit.

No withdrawal fee feature.

Freedom to choose how to receive or pay your interest.

Celsius Network does not lock the funds of the users.

No Credit Check


$25k Limit on Immediate Withdrawals

They do not offer a downloadable earning statement.

1-360 days
Short review

Is Nexo worth the hype? Discover the good, the bad, and the outright amazing aspects of So, use this opportunity to make an informed decision concerning your future with Nexo


The Nexo online platform is user-friendly.

The Nexo card makes it easy to access funds in the Nexo wallet.

Client funds are secured and insured. offers affordable interest rates on both loans and deposits.

Nexo supports over 45 fiat currencies and 12 cryptocurrencies.


Margin calls are possible in case the value of your cryptocurrency security drops. offers limited interest on cryptocurrency deposits.

Proof of identity is a must, making it unsuitable for people who prefer to remain anonymous in the crypto-exchange space.

Lending Platform
1-360 days
Short review

Crypto lending is opening up a new range of possibilities for depositors and borrowers. Several crypto-lending platforms are competing to come up with innovative solutions to attract investors.
Among them, Aave is making a wave in the market with its most extensive options of assets for lending and borrowing. On top of that, you can also take advantage of loans without collateral.
Excited to know more? Let's find out more in our Aave review!


Great rates in the industry

Pioneers of the DeFi movement

A wide range of assets to lend and borrow

Used by a huge number of people

Zero collateral loans


Not very user-friendly

Need technical knowledge to avail flash loans

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